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Why Are Garage Doors Great for Increasing Your Home’s Value?

Even if you’re not actively thinking about putting your house on the market any time soon, you still want to build up its value. That could mean completing smaller steps like adding energy-efficient windows or more dramatic renovations like embarking on a full-fledged redesign of the kitchen. 

As you’re thinking about ways to increase your property’s value, consider the role your garage door — or lack thereof — could play. Adding or updating your automatic garage door can make a huge difference in the price someone might be willing to pay for your house on the open market. 

How Do Upgraded Garage Doors Increase a Home’s Value?

What’s the benefit of hiring professional installers to put in a modern garage door? It’s hard to pinpoint just one advantage. Below are several that can play a factor in why garage doors can boost the perceived selling price of any property by as much as 4%. 

  • Garage doors add functionality to your home: Many people use their garage doors as the main way to get in and out of their house. Homebuyers who have become accustomed to relying on garage doors will be looking for this amenity when searching for properties to consider. 
  • Garage doors bring together the overall design of your home: Does it ever feel like your house lacks curb appeal? Part of the problem could be an antiquated garage door that no longer fits the architectural intent of the property. If your garage doors haven’t had a facelift in more than a decade, you might want to see what’s available to improve their look and function.
  • Garage doors add a layer of protection to your home: Contemporary garage doors backed by technologically advanced systems can help potential homeowners feel more secure. What could be more attractive than having convenience without sacrificing safety? Additionally, modern garage doors can include features like smartphone connectivity and battery backup to significantly enhance their contribution to home security. 
  • Garage doors make the garage feel more inviting: Do homebuyers really spend much time on the garage? They might, particularly if they are considering a property with a brand-new garage door. Advanced garage door systems attract positive attention. And if you’ve upgraded your garage space to appeal to DIYers or car enthusiasts, you’re on your way to selling your home faster and for more money. Want an extra tip? Insulated garage doors can be an appealing draw to buyers who anticipate spending a lot of time tinkering in the garage space.

How Long Does It Take to Get a New Garage Door?

Like the idea of boosting your home’s value by updating it with a new garage door and opener? You could have a garage door unit installed faster than you think. Get in touch with the professional garage door installation team at AE Door & Window for assistance. You’ll be using your new garage door in no time — and showing it off to everyone who stops by to visit or tour. 

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