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Shutter and Grilles

There are many issues you need to consider when trying to run a successful business. One you probably would prefer not to think about — but one that’s extremely important to pay attention to — is the matter of security. If your business works out of a physical location where you keep inventory, you need to be able to protect it. This is why, depending upon how your business is set up, rolling shutters and security grilles can be a critical part of protecting your commercial enterprise. If you’ve got a business right now without any kind of commercial shutter door or security grille, you could be putting your inventory and your entire business at risk. AE Door and Window Company provides and installs commercial roller shutter doors and commercial security grilles in Cincinnati, Eastgate, OH. and Northern Kentucky to protect your business and give you peace of mind.

Roll-Up Counter Shutters

If your Ohio or northern Kentucky commercial operation includes a counter window through which you service customers, you need a quality commercial shutter door to protect your property. The roll-up counter shutters we offer easily secure openings over counters or other similar openings on interior or exterior walls, and they roll out of the way when you are ready to do business. These commercial roller shutter doors from Clopay® are suitable for a range of situations that do not require flame or smoke resistance, including cafeterias, pharmacies and concessionaries. Fire-rated counter doors are also available. We can install these shutters in a standard configuration or as a Labeled Package Unit with an integral frame, pre-assembled and welded at the factory for a seamless, custom-built appearance.

Security Grilles

For a business that needs protection in a not-completely-enclosed environment, such as a business in an indoor mall, school, airport, convention center or related locations, rolling security grilles by Clopay®, available to Cincinnati, Eastgate, OH and northern Kentucky businesses through AE Door and Window Company, may be the answer. An open-air security grill allows full access and air circulation to your business while preventing unauthorized entry to protect your inventory against thieves and vandals. For greater security, full-closure models are designed to further prevent stealing through grill openings while still providing visual access when possible. We also install side-folding grilles. For customization, we offer a standard rolling grille pattern as well as a Lexan glazed rolling grille and a brick grille pattern. Side-folding grilles are available as standard pattern, Lexan or solid grille.

Order Your New Commercial Rolling Shutter or Security Grille From AE Door and Window Co. Today

If your Cincinnati, Eastgate or northern Kentucky business with a counter or open plan setup is currently unprotected or using a substandard or damaged grille or shutter, you have no time to waste. Every moment you wait before installing a secure, high-quality shutter or grille is a moment where potential thieves or vandals could be taking or damaging your inventory and hurting your business. AE Door and Window Company has over three decades of experience selling and installing quality door and window products throughout select areas of Ohio and northern Kentucky. When you call AE Door and Window Company, we can help you find the right rolling shutter or commercial security grille for your business and install it for you fast, so you can relax knowing your business is safe and secure. If interested in commercial shutters and garages in Ohio, contact AE Door and Window Company today for a free and accurate estimate or to request service. Call (513)-742-1984 to speak with one of our representatives.