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Garage Door Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a new garage door involves a lot of decision making and understanding the basic operations of garage doors, which for many homeowners can be overwhelming and unnecessarily complicated. Learn the answers to all of your garage door maintenance, repair, style, material and opener questions and more with AE Door & Window’s garage door FAQ section.

How Much Do Garage Doors Cost?

The cost of a new garage door largely depends on the size, material construction, customization features, added insulation and strength of the ideal door needed for your home. At AE Door & Window, our design specialists can work closely with you to select and install a new, attractive Clopay door that will best fit your needs and budget.

What Types of Garage Doors Are Available?

With the wide selection of Clopay doors available at AE Door & Window, you can select from contemporary to classic styles available in durable steel, wood and aluminum construction. Each material offers its own set of benefits ranging from low maintenance requirements and cost-effectiveness to improved energy efficiency and unlimited design options — ask one of our associates which design options and materials will work best for your home.

Should I Select a Garage Door Style With Insulation Upgrades?

Added garage door insulation is not a necessity when designing and installing a new garage door. However, insulated garage doors can improve your home’s comfort, reduce the amount of air entering and leaving your garage, save you money on annual heating and cooling costs and allow for quieter operations.

Can I Use My Existing Garage Door Opener?

It’s possible to use your current garage door opener if it meets the certain reversing and horsepower requirements to fit your new door. Garage door openers that don’t have the appropriate horsepower to lift and lower your door will strain while operating and require replacement in the near future.

What Do I Need to Get Connected to myQ?

Getting connected to myQ is simple! Download the free myQ App, and purchase either a Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub, or upgrade your existing garage door opener to a smart garage door opener with built-in myQ connectivity. Your home will also need a strong Wi-Fi signal to be able to control and monitor your garage through the myQ App.  Visit LiftMaster’s Support Site for articles and videos on myQ connectivity.

Is My Garage Door Opener Compatible With myQ?

Most garage door opener brands are compatible with myQ technology if the model was manufactured after 1993 that use photoelectric sensors that do not change to a low power mode. These garage door openers will usually have safety sensor eyes. The myQ Compatibility Tool will help you check to see if your garage door opener is compatible with myQ. 

​How Do I Use the myQ App and What Does It Do?

With the myQ App you can receive real-time notifications on the activity of your garage door and grant others access to your garage from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can expand your myQ App capabilities by linking your account with any of the myQ smart home partners.  For a full list of myQ features and compatible partners, visit LiftMaster’s Support Site.

Should I Use a Professional Garage Door Installer?

Due to the weight, tension and dangerous parts that are associated with your garage door, it’s highly recommended that a professional garage door installer be responsible for removing and replacing your door to ensure it’s properly installed and avoid personal injury.

My Garage Door Is Jammed! What Should I Do?

A jammed garage door can be caused by several issues — broken cables, bent tracks, worn spring cable pulleys, a locked door or obstructions. Some of these problems, like a locked door or obstructions, can be easily fixed by the homeowner, but the need for part replacement should be diagnosed and handled by a professional.

My Garage Door Is Being Noisy While Opening and Closing, What Does This Mean?

A garage door will always make some noise as it’s properly opening and closing, but excessive noise can be caused by worn, poorly lubricated or rusted parts or problems with the garage door opener. With unusual garage door sounds, either lubricate moving parts or call a professional garage door repair company to investigate the issue and offer effective solutions.

Should I Fix a Garage Door Spring Myself?

Garage door springs are one of the most dangerous parts of your garage door, and inexperienced homeowners should never attempt to fix or replace these components themselves. Rely on an expert to replace the springs to avoid serious injury and other hazards.

What Should I Do If My Garage Door Won’t Close the Entire Way?

If your garage door won’t close, it could be an issue with your cables, springs or other components. Consult with a professional to help diagnose the problem.

What Kind of Garage Doors and Openers Do You Repair?

For the convenience of all of our customers, our skilled, trained and experienced technicians can repair and maintain any type or brand of garage door or opener.

For Garage Door Installation, Repair or Maintenance, Call AE Door & Window

When you need help with your garage door installation, repair or maintenance requirements, trust the trained and knowledgeable professionals at AE Door & Window. We serve the residents and business owners of Cincinnati and Eastgate, OH, as well as Northern Kentucky, and our goal is to always provide the best quality services to our customers — that’s why we offer free estimates and 24-hour emergency services.

Learn more about our garage door services today by calling our Cincinnati location at 513-742-1984 or completing our online contact form to request services.

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