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Gary K. Avatar
ON: 9/25/2021
BY: Gary K.

Great service and service man was also great

Chuck J. Avatar
ON: 9/23/2021
BY: Chuck J.

Best of the best! Always on time!
Service is excellent!

Laura B. Avatar
ON: 9/23/2021
BY: Laura B.

I have been a customer for over twenty years. The consistency of their excellent customer service keeps me with them. Todd came out today because my Keyless entry was not working. I had failed to change the battery and it become corroded. He was very kind when explaining everything. Programmed my car, key fob, and other remote. He is with the Eastgate store and was fast, very efficient, and patient ensuring I understood everything.

Bryan M. Avatar
ON: 9/20/2021
BY: Bryan M.

Excellent service repair and prompt timing

Carole H. Avatar
ON: 9/15/2021
BY: Carole H.

We bought a new LM opener. It took two weeks to get an appointment but the installer was professional, answered all my questions and helped set up the wireless app on my phone.

David L. Avatar
ON: 9/03/2021
BY: David L.

Could not get my cars out of the garage and called on Monday at 7 AM. They were here by 11 and it fixed in 15 mins.

Made my day

Donald R. Avatar
ON: 8/30/2021
BY: Donald R.

The installers was courteous.

Dennis T. Avatar
ON: 8/28/2021
BY: Dennis T.

Great to work with a business with such a high standard of customer service. From the receptionist, to the scheduler and then the technician. All were so friendly and competent in there work. It is great to feel like a valued customer- Good, old fashioned care!

Casey W. Avatar
ON: 8/28/2021
BY: Casey W.

Great service, quick and easy

Jack K. Avatar
ON: 8/28/2021
BY: Jack K.

Truly a perfect experience. From the purchasing process with Abbie as well as the installer, Phil, everything was perfect. Nothing was left anything less than ideal.

Albert D. Avatar
ON: 8/27/2021
BY: Albert D.

Great Service / experienced technicians

Amy E. Avatar
ON: 8/26/2021
BY: Amy E.

Kevin was very polite and helpful. Would definitely recommend this company!

Diane A. Avatar
ON: 8/26/2021
BY: Diane A.

A and E door came to the rescue of a helpless old woman on a Saturday and made my day complete. Thank you guys so much for your great service and your great attitude. So glad I chose this company to do my garage door.

Molly S. Avatar
ON: 8/26/2021
BY: Molly S.

Great service and easy repair!

Debi G. Avatar
ON: 8/26/2021
BY: Debi G.

Great experience. Todd fixed my door and was also kind enough to help me program my car!

Chris M. Avatar
ON: 8/26/2021
BY: Chris M.

I had the cable on one side of my door break and called AE Door to come repair it. Mark arrived on time and knocked it out within 30-40 minutes. Great service and was done at a fair price. I was very happy with their service.

Chris D. Avatar
ON: 8/25/2021
BY: Chris D.

Great service, fast and trustworthy!

Della J. Avatar
ON: 8/25/2021
BY: Della J.

Technician was professional and courteous. He took the time to explain the issue and what he did to repair it.

Phyllis W. Avatar
ON: 8/25/2021
BY: Phyllis W.

Prompt response. Reasonable rates. Will definitely use again

Jenny L. Avatar
ON: 8/25/2021
BY: Jenny L.

Very nice repair guy, works great.

Larry G. Avatar
ON: 8/24/2021
BY: Larry G.

Very satisfied. The installer knew what he was doing, explained everything. I would refer A & E door.

Jan S. Avatar
ON: 8/24/2021
BY: Jan S.

The technician called prior to coming and was on time. He explained everything prior to doing it and was exact on how long it would take. Excellent service

adrian B. Avatar
ON: 8/24/2021
BY: adrian B.

I had a wonderful experience with AE Door. I was able to schedule a consultation within hours. They were literally half the price of their competitors for the exact same Door. The installer was friendly and hard work, I would highly recommend AE Door

Kathy S. Avatar
ON: 8/24/2021
BY: Kathy S.

Our technician did an excellent job!! He was here when he said he would be. He diagnosed and fixed our garage door opener replacing our circuit board and reprogramming our remotes.

OLD S. Avatar
ON: 8/24/2021

Arrived on time… friendly …he knew what needed to be done and worked quickly to complete the job

Carol P. Avatar
ON: 8/24/2021
BY: Carol P.

AE Door & Window is my go to for anything regarding my garage door. Technicians did all they could to extend the life of my opener. When I chose to get a new one they installed it quickly and did a wonderful job! They explained everything to me and were polite and courteous.

Jim A. Avatar
ON: 8/24/2021
BY: Jim A.

My sales rep was great but the real star of the show was Hugo, my installation technician. He was prompt, polite and knowledgeable. He did a fantastic job and didn't leave until everything was perfect despite it being a Friday afternoon. I had used another garage door company for a repair a few years ago but if my local AE door service person is half as good as Hugo, I'll be throwing that old number away.

Thomas S. Avatar
ON: 8/24/2021
BY: Thomas S.

Quickl response. Excellent products.Arron knew his work. Polite,helpful and professional.

David C. Avatar
ON: 8/24/2021
BY: David C.

AE Door and Window has always provided great service. Their people, like Kevin, are courteous and professional. I would highly recommend this company.

Mr. J. Avatar
ON: 8/24/2021
BY: Mr. J.

Technician was prompt and courteous. Replaced a part . Garage door opener seemed to then be working correctly but 4hr later it was back to exhibiting the same problem for which I had called them out to fix.