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Why Keep Up With Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Getting regular garage door inspections

When we think of things that need regular maintenance, a car is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are many other fixtures and appliances in your home that need maintenance too, including your garage door. You can find garage door maintenance tips online, by asking neighbors or consulting with professionals. Giving your garage door the maintenance it needs takes time, but you’ll see several benefits from doing it.

Avoid Major Repairs

When you neglect your garage door, it may eventually break and require an expensive repair. We depend a lot more on our garage doors than we realize. When they break, we want them fixed as soon as possible. Depending on how quickly you need it fixed and what kind of repair you require, it could be expensive. You can decrease your chances of ending up with this type of repair by maintaining your garage door. Smaller fixes and garage door maintenance service over time can actually be much less expensive than one big repair every now and then. Repairs are not just more expensive than garage door maintenance costs — they’re also more of a hassle. Repairs will need more time to complete and could leave your garage out of commission for a while. Regular maintenance will help you avoid that.

Energy Savings

If your garage isn’t properly insulated, it could raise your energy bill. Many homeowners turn their garages into a multipurpose space. They can be used for storage, a workspace or even another living area. To use the garage throughout the year, you may need to run extra appliances or use your heating and cooling system extra hard. A part of maintenance is making sure your garage is properly insulated. You can insulate the garage door and add weatherstripping. Weatherstripping covers up any small holes and cracks in the garage door to keep out the elements and prevent air from escaping. By weatherstripping and insulating your garage door, you can save on your next energy bill.

Extend the Longevity

When you take good care of your garage door, it will hang in there for you for much longer. When you install any major fixture like a garage door in your home, it usually comes with an estimated lifespan. When you don’t take care of your garage door, you will probably need to replace it sooner than that estimated length of time. However, when you provide the maintenance it needs, you will at least meet and likely exceed that projected longevity. When your garage door lasts longer, you can put off replacing it. The longer your garage door lasts, the more you are getting out of that investment. Getting the full value out of any new fixture, appliance or other item in your home is important. When you make an investment in your home, you’re usually spending a fair amount of money. When you spend that much, you need to take care of what you bought. Your garage door is no exception. If you have any questions or would like to hear more maintenance tips for garage doors, please contact us at AE Door & Window. We can advise you on maintenance and provide any repairs and service you need for your garage door. Request an estimate or schedule a service with us today. 

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