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When to Replace Your Windows

Your windows serve versatile purposes — from providing security to allowing natural light to enter a room.

As a homeowner, you should not put off your window replacements. You may be unsure if it is time for new windows. If so, ask yourself if your windows are showing signs of wear. You’ll want to choose a reputable window company in the Cincinnati area to help with the job.

Common Signs It’s Time for Replacement Windows

Common signs it is time for replacement windows

Check for the following:

  • There is fog or condensation between the window panes.
  • You struggle opening or closing the window.
  • When you open the window, it falls shut and will not stay open.
  • You notice drafts when the windows are closed.
  • If you touch the window during the summer it feels hot.
  • If you touch the window during the winter it feels freezing cold.
  • The frame has noticeable cracking or rotting.
  • It has been 15-20 years since the last window replacement.

When You Can Repair Versus When You Should Replace Your Windows

The quickest rule of thumb to decide whether it is time for a window replacement or for a window repair is to check if the damage is minor or major. If your windows are letting in a draft, they may only require a minor repair. Cracked or broken window panes need to be replaced.

When your windows are showing at least two or three common signs, then it’s likely time to replace them. If you are still unsure, contact a window replacement professional for a consultation. They can provide you the best advice for determining if it’s time to repair your windows and make the repairs correctly.

Things to Know Before Getting Window Replacements

If you haven’t replaced your windows before, you’ll want to consider the following:

  • Is it necessary to hire a professional for installation?

Replacing windows requires expert knowledge to make sure the windows last for a long period of time. Window companies know how to get you the right fit and properly install your window replacement.

  • What window options are available?

Your windows will likely last well over a decade, so decide on a look you love for the perfect fit. The most popular option is vinyl windows because they are low maintenance and last for a long time. AE Door & Window provides you options with vinyl exteriors. You can also choose if you would like a real wood interior, available in the 1000VT Aeris Series, to give your home a style of elegance and warmth.

  • What design or appearance are you looking to achieve?

Not all rooms are the same. By choosing the proper window, you can give the perfect personality to different areas of your space. AE Door & Window gives you the choice of multiple unique features and styles, including double hung and slider styles. Begin thinking about if you would prefer a classic style, like the 700VT Aspect Series, or a modern style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying New Windows

Still not sure? Learn more:

  • What should I keep in mind while selecting replacement windows?
  1. What is the type of look or feel you are trying to achieve?
  2. How easily can the interior and exterior of the window be reached for cleaning and is that a priority for you?
  3. How does the window operate? How easily can you open and close them?
  4. Do you want to make the change to energy-efficient windows?
  5. Are you planning to replace the windows of one room or would you like to do an entire home window replacement?
  • What are the benefits of replacing my windows?

Save Money by Reducing Your Energy Bill

By taking the initiative to contact a window company and replace your broken or damaged windows, you can save money by reducing your energy bill. The right windows let sunshine and natural warmth fill rooms during the cold Cincinnati-area winters, and provide exceptional heat resistance during the summer. A new window installation by AE Door & Window will reduce your heating and cooling bill.

Correct windows help regulate temperature, which many people looking for a window replacement in Northern Kentucky or Eastgate, Ohio recognize this since the weather can change throughout the day especially in early spring and fall. The 800VT Endures Series features the ComfortTech™ Warm Edge Glazing System and controls heat transfer. Getting new windows can be a cost-saver on your energy bill.

New Windows Are an Essential Part of Any Remodeling Project

Ready for a change? Maybe you have been mentally reworking the interior design of your space to make the perfect spot. As you check items off your list do not make the mistake of forgetting one of the most important features of any room or workspace. A window replacement can help you change the atmosphere of your home. AE Door & Window installs superior replacement windows of your choice from vinyl to a real wood interior.

Conquer Your Historic Renovation

AE Door & Window ensures you can find replacement windows while protecting the historic integrity of your location. Also, if you’re building was constructed before 1960 it is an important step to install replacement windows. Before regulations were put in place during the 1970s, many buildings had lead paint. Replacing the windows can benefit your health and you can consult with an AE Door & Window professional to find the right fit for your historic home.

  • What styling options are available for replacement windows?

As you plan your window replacement project, you’ll notice many types of window replacement options. Older buildings may have windows with wood exteriors —  many homeowners recognize the extra time and money it takes to maintain these windows, and you might be looking for an alternative. To provide you convenience and lasting durability, AE Door & Window has replacement windows with vinyl exteriors.

How Often Should You Replace Your Window?

Sometimes natural wear and damage are not visible on a day-to-day basis. Even if you do not notice damage to your windows, if it’s been 15 to 20 years since they were installed, make an appointment with AE Door & Window to see if replacement windows could benefit your property.

As a homeowner, staying up-to-date with newer windows can mean boosting security and saving on extra energy costs. You’ll also put value into your home with this essential update.

As soon as you notice two or three of the common signs, that’s a good indicator it’s time to replace your windows.

What Should You Do If You Are Ready for a Window Replacement?

If you have identified damage to your windows or it’s time for a replacement, consult with the professionals from AE Door & Window. We’re your reliable window company in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati and Union Township, Ohio areas — we understand what the region’s climate is like and have the knowledge to make sure you get the window replacement you need.

Garage Window Repair & Replacement 

By working with a professional like us, you guarantee correct installment and know your window replacement will last for years to come. Contact us today and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on garage tips and company updates!


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