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June is Garage Door Safety Month


AE Door & Window Offers Tips on Maintaining Your Garage Door

CINCINNATI, OH (June 6, 2012) – June is Garage Door Safety Month and AE Door & Window is working to increase awareness of the possible hazards of garage doors and automatic opener systems as well as the need for periodic inspection and maintenance to keep them safe.  The garage door is the largest moving object in most homes and according to statistics provided by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System they were responsible for just over 13,000 injuries in 2007.

Garage doors were made safer in 1993 when the Consumer Product Safety Commission passed a law mandating that all garage door openers installed have an auto reversing feature and safety sensors that cause the door to reverse if the door meets an obstruction. However, it is still important to perform regular maintenance checks. AE Door & Window recommends these garage door safety tips to insure garage doors are in proper working order. A garage door should provide many years of safe operation if it is installed, operated, and maintained properly.

  • Check Your Door Cables for Fraying.
  • Don’t Ignore A Squeaky Door.
  • Have a Trained Technician Install and Service Your Garage Door.
  • Have Containment Cables for Extension Springs.
  • Never Place your Fingers between the Door Sections.
  • Don’t Use an Old Track When Installing a New Door.
  • Get Regular Service

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