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Garage Door Opener Repair

Most homeowners don’t take note of their garage door openers until they suddenly break one day — either making odd noises or possibly not opening or closing completely. When your garage door opener stops working, it’s inconvenient because you’re either stranded inside or out of your home, losing access to the main entrance to your home. You may not have even realized how crucial this machine was in the safe and reliable operation of raising and lowering your garage door.

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Common Garage Door Opener Issues

When your garage door is making strange noises or has just stopped functioning normally, note the age and type of opener you have. Many repairs are the result of old age — if your garage opener is over 20 years old — or if it’s chain operated. Even if your garage door opener has managed to continue opening and closing your garage door, note these common repair signs:

  • Strange New Noises: Often, the best indicator of something wrong with your garage door opener is odd noises like rattling, straining or grinding. These sounds can typically indicate loose hardware or chains, poor lubrication, a defective motor or insufficient horsepower.
  • Door Has Difficulting Raising and Lowering: This is often due to bends along the rails of the door. You can typically tell this is the issue when the garage door makes a grinding noise while operational.
  • Remote Won’t Operate the Machine: If the batteries in your remote are fresh and you’re not attempting to control the garage door from far away, then the problem may be with your remote control or the antenna in the machine.
  • Garage Door Doesn’t Move: Sometimes, when the garage door doesn’t move, either the power in your home has gone out, the fuse was tripped or the outlet isn’t receiving power. If all electrical components are in working condition, then the problem is just a broken or faulty opener.
  • Random Door Movement: If there’s no apparent issue with the remote or garage door hardware, the likely culprit of unpredictable movement is faulty wiring in your garage door opener.

Get the Best Garage Door Opener Repair in Cincinnati

Garage doors are under a massive amount of weight and pressure and the openers are connected to power sources, so it’s highly recommended that any garage door or opener repairs be handled by a professional to avoid personal injury.

At AE Door & Window, we have over 100 team members and trained technicians who can be dispatched to your home quickly to repair your garage door opener efficiently and affordably. Depending on the type, age and repair needs of your garage door opener, we can reliably fix the issue to prevent future mishaps or recommend a new model that fits your home’s needs.

And because we understand that unexpected breakages to your garage door negatively impact your daily convenience and safety, we provide emergency 24-hour service to all of our customers located throughout Cincinnati and Eastgate, OH, and Northern Kentucky.

Rely on AE Door & Window for Your Repair Needs

When you’ve been inconvenienced by a broken garage door opener, call the experts at AE Door & Window to efficiently assess the situation and make repairs. We have over 35 years of garage door repair, maintenance and installation experience, and are dedicated to providing all of our customers with a reliable, personalized experience.

Reach out to us today to request a free estimateschedule repair services or speak to one of our representatives at 513-742-1984 about our garage door opener services for Cincinnati, northern Kentucky and Eastgate.

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