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SMOOTH fiberglass collection

by Clopay Garage Doors

All the benefits of fiberglass, but with crisp panel detailing that looks and feels like painted wood.

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Enjoy low-maintenance beauty with none of the drawbacks of wood or steel such as cracking or splitting

With modern style and minimal details, this Smooth Fiberglass door is a departure from any other fiberglass door. Sharp panel edges with a crisp and clean aesthetic provide a contemporary look to meet the demands of today’s modern homeowners. A finely etched surface texture allows for superior paint adhesion. Unlike wood or steel doors, they won't crack, split, dent or rust and are engineered to last a lifetime, and offer all of the performance and energy efficient benefits of fiberglass.

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  • Modern Smooth Fiberglass panel designs with crisp, clean embossment profiles
  • Fine brush-etched smooth fiberglass surface for superior paint adhesion
  • Robust internal construction provides superior rigidity and high resistance to thermal bow
  • Insulated with high-density, CFC-free polyurethane foam
  • Does not warp, rot or crack like wood doors and requires less maintenance
  • Does not rust or dent like steel doors
  • A variety of styles to choose from, including entry doors with glass and matching sidelights
  • Eighteen factory finish paint options
  • fg-warranty

Door Designs


fs2200 entry doors FS2200
fs2251 entry doors FS2251
fs2400 entry doors FS2400
fs2471 entry doors FS2471
fs3400 entry doors FS3400
fs3421 entry doors FS3421
fs3600 entry doors FS3600
fs9500 entry doors FS9500
fs9511-3v entry doors FS9511-3V
fs9511-5h entry doors FS9511-5H
fs9531-c,l,r entry doors FS9531-C,L,R
fs9533 entry doors FS9533
fs9591 entry doors FS9591


rosemont™ entry doors Rosemont™
capelle entry doors Capelle
addison™ gray entry doors Addison™ Gray
pinehill™ entry doors Pinehill™
trevian™ entry doors Trevian™
kinsleigh™ entry doors Kinsleigh™
cimarron™ entry doors Cimarron™
clayton™ entry doors Clayton™
prescott™ entry doors Prescott™
tuscany™ entry doors Tuscany™
hayden™ entry doors Hayden™
clarion™ frost entry doors Clarion™ Frost
clarion™ reed entry doors Clarion™ Reed
clarion™ clear entry doors Clarion™ Clear

Hardware Designs


door viewer entry doors DOOR VIEWER
mailslot entry doors MAILSLOT


pinnacle entry doors PINNACLE
rectangular entry doors RECTANGULAR
curved entry doors CURVED
eclipse entry doors ECLIPSE
eclipse thumb grip entry doors ECLIPSE THUMB GRIP
multi-point lockset entry doors Multi-Point Lockset


xanthis entry doors XANTHIS
belmont entry doors BELMONT
woodward™ entry doors WOODWARD™
atteberry entry doors ATTEBERRY
atteberry entry doors ATTEBERRY
mansion® entry doors MANSION®
philbrook entry doors PHILBROOK
bingham entry doors BINGHAM
bordeau™ entry doors BORDEAU™
impresa™ entry doors IMPRESA™


hillcrest entry doors HILLCREST
mercy entry doors MERCY
parkside entry doors PARKSIDE
new haven entry doors NEW HAVEN
salem entry doors SALEM


moderne entry doors MODERNE
lexington™ entry doors LEXINGTON™
bordeau™ entry doors BORDEAU™
impresa™ entry doors IMPRESA™
Door Construction Clopay designed an intelligent system of high-performance door and system components to provide years of low-maintenance dependability, security, energy efficiency and beauty.

Premium Fiberglass Doors

  • Modern panel designs with crisp, clean profiles
  • Fine brush-etched smooth fiberglass surface for superior paint adhesion
  • Won't dent, rot, crack or rust
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional Finishing Touch paint system provides a durable and long-lasting finish

Polyurethane Foam Core

  • Proven and effective energy-efficient insulation
  • Secure dense foam

Strong, Secure Construction

  • 4-1/16” stiles made of 3-7/16” engineered wood with a 5/8” hardwood cap run full length on both hinge and lock sides of door
  • Robust construction provides superior rigidity and high resistance to thermal bow
  • Internal construction uses rot-resistant composite top and bottom rails
  • True square edge design like a wood door

Composite Jambs, Brickmould & Mull Posts

  • Composite material will not absorb or wick moisture
  • Helps prevent warping, rotting and splitting
  • Standard on all smooth fiberglass entry door systems
  • Can be finished to match door paint color


  • Flexible
  • Seals tight
  • Easily replaced

Four-Fin Bottom Sweep

  • Help eliminate air and water infiltration
  • Durable and long-lasting

Composite Adjustable Sills

  • Help eliminate air and water infiltration
  • Rot resistant - require little to no maintenance
  • Available in Brass, Patina and Satin Nickel finishes

Construction Designs

3 panel equal entry doors 3 Panel Equal

2'8", 2'10", 3'0"

6'8", 7'0"

flush smooth entry doors Flush Smooth

2'6", 2'8", 2'10", 3'0"

6'8", 7'0", 8'0"

2 panel shaker entry doors 2 Panel Shaker

2'10" - 3'0"

6'8", 7'0", 8'0"

3 panel craftsman entry doors 3 Panel Craftsman

2'10", 3'0"

6'8", 7'0"

2 panel rustic entry doors 2 Panel Rustic

2'8", 2'10", 3'0"

6'8", 7'0", 8'0"

Color and Stain Options


almond entry doors Almond
bronze entry doors Bronze
beige entry doors Beige
brown entry doors Brown
black entry doors Black
burgundy entry doors Burgundy
chocolate brown entry doors Chocolate Brown
clay entry doors Clay
desert tan entry doors Desert Tan
gray entry doors Gray
hunter green entry doors Hunter Green
navy blue entry doors Navy Blue
new england blue entry doors New England Blue
rustic red entry doors Rustic Red
sandtone entry doors Sandtone
taupe entry doors Taupe
vanilla entry doors Vanilla
white entry doors White