Tom M., April 6, 2014

AE Doors has been great!  I’ve used them on two houses now and couldn’t be happier with their quick response and excellent customer service. At my old house, they repaired the top section of my door after I tried to open it when it was locked.  Aluminum doors bend pretty easily when you do that FYI.  They replaced the top panel in 24 hours of me calling, without any extra charges for fast service. They also worked on the doors twice now at my new house.  First was to fix the weather stripping gaps and help keep the mice out of the garage.  Most recently we decided to upgrade our openers that were a little flaky to the newest models.  The quoting process was simple and over email.  And within 3 days I was able to have them come out and do both doors (2 car and 1 car).   The guy was on time and finished the work in less than 3 hours.   The installer did an EXCELLENT job explaining the door’s features, including the Internet controlled MyQ system, timers, alarms etc. I would strongly recommend AE Doors for both their service and products when it comes to garage doors!


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